9 Inspiring Podcast for 2019

If you are like me then you love a good, inspiring podcast. There are a few podcast that I have listened to for the last few years, and a few that I just started listening to this year. I enjoy listening to podcast while I'm cleaning, driving, showering, or just relaxing outside. A few of … Continue reading 9 Inspiring Podcast for 2019

The Best Crib Mattress That Grows With Your Baby

For the first 6 months of Roams life she was sleeping in a pack and play. I can’t imagine that it was comfortable for her so when we started designing her “room” on the bus I knew I wanted to get her a quality mattress. The only problem was that it also had to be … Continue reading The Best Crib Mattress That Grows With Your Baby

Postpartum Hindsight and Words of Encouragement From Other Moms

Disclaimers: What I am about to share is not to scare or upset you. I am sharing because this is what I wish I knew before going through the postpartum recovery phase. It can be hard, graphic and for most of us it is uncharted territory that for some reason no one shares the gory … Continue reading Postpartum Hindsight and Words of Encouragement From Other Moms

19 GOALS FOR 2019

On January 1st your social media feeds will undoubtedly be flooded with "New Year, New Me." Post. A lot of people will roll their eyes at those post, but I will cheer them on from the sidelines! There is nothing wrong with wanting to make improvements to your life when the New Year rolls around. … Continue reading 19 GOALS FOR 2019

Newborn Baby Sleep 101

What I wish I knew about baby sleep BEFORE my baby moved in and tips on how to get your baby to sleep. Disclosure 1: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Using them only supports this blog, with no added cost to you. Thanks for your support! Disclosure 2: I am … Continue reading Newborn Baby Sleep 101

The Story of Juan the Bus

We bought a bus!  In January of 2017 we were so busy traveling for work, and every time we would come home from a trip I would look around at all the clutter in our house and wonder, "why do we have so much crap that we don't miss when we are gone?" So, I … Continue reading The Story of Juan the Bus


The last 4 years together have been incredible, but 2017 was a year we will always remember. We traveled to more places together than ever before, our videography business had a successful year, we bought our first house together ...well, it's actually a bus, and Will decided to finish the year off with a marriage … Continue reading LIFE’S GREATEST ADVENTURE


THE STORY OF WHY WE STOPPED GIVING TANGIBLE GIFTS ON CHRISTMAS In 2015 as the gift shopping part of Christmas approached, I racked my brain trying to remember what I got Will for Christmas the year before...and what he gifted to me…neither one of us could recall. The only thing we could remember is that we spent … Continue reading HOW WE BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS GIFTS BUT STILL LOVE & ENJOY THE HOLIDAY SEASON


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Traveling is magic, frustration, bliss and exhaustion all wrapped up in an exciting package. Each time I visit a new place I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning opening my presents. Traveling as a couple is kinda … Continue reading 8 TIPS FOR TRAVELING AS A COUPLE


Ahhh Summer, the most wonderful time of the year! Winter is finally over, and now our days can be spent wearing bathing suits, soaking up the sunshine, swimming in the ocean, and taking fun adventures around the 904. If you thought this post was going to be a list of 904 summer activities... Im sorry, … Continue reading 904 SUMMER ADVENTURES BUCKET LIST