9 Inspiring Podcast for 2019

If you are like me then you love a good, inspiring podcast. There are a few podcast that I have listened to for the last few years, and a few that I just started listening to this year. I enjoy listening to podcast while I’m cleaning, driving, showering, or just relaxing outside. A few of my favorite podcast offer creative inspiration, personal development ideas, ways to live more intentional or sometimes just pure entertainment. It’s actually one of my dreams to start a podcast, and Will and I plan to create one when we are done traveling around in our Bus. Until that day comes, here are few of the podcast that always keep me coming back for more.

1. The Minimalist Podcast

This podcast is about SO MUCH MORE than minimalism. This is my favorite Podcast ever. I listen to it every week. Josh and Ryan (aka The Minimalist) talk about how to live a more meaningful life with less and they constantly bring on special guest from all walks of life. If minimalism or intentional living even kinda interest you, you should check out this podcast. Also, if you have Netflix go watch their Documentary called Minimalism. Listen here

2. Optimal Living Daily

This is a great and quick podcast where the host reads different blog post by different authors (that he gets permission to read) about different ways to live an optimal life. I didn’t like this podcast at first, but it grew on me and now I can listen to it for hours at a time. Listen here

3. The Science of Happiness

I just started listening to this podcast but it has become one of my new favorites. The host is a professor at the University of Berkley and he runs these happiness expereinmetns. Each episode has a “Happiness Guinea Pig” aka the person who implements the happiness experiment into their life. Each experiment it based on scientific research and It gives you great ideas on activities that you can incorporate into your everyday life to find more happiness. Listen here

4. The Business & leadership Podcast by Jared Graybeal

The host of this podcast is actually one of our friends. Jared is a superfit, healthy, business owner, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker and he speaks about all those topics on his podcast. I enjoy his podcast because he has a really organized and great flow. The episodes are quick, easy and enjoyable to listen to. You will feel like you learned something useful after each one. Listen here

5. Zerowaste Countdown Podcast

If you know me (or follow me on Instagram) then you know that creating less waste is super important to me (we don’t use paper towels y’all haha) This podcast is awesome. The host interviews people that are making a difference and spreading the message of zero waste or low impact living. If you care about our planet (which you obviously should!) check out this podcast. Listen here

6. Minimalist Moms Podcast

If you are a mom you will enjoy this one, even if you aren’t a minimalist…but who knows, this podcast might inspire you to simplify the craziness of motherhood and become a minimalist. Listen here

7. Ted Talks Daily

I kinda have to sift through these but every once and a while I find a few that I really enjoy listening to. Im sure you know what Ted Talks are…this is the podcast version of it! Listen here

8. The Rachel Cruse Show

I just started listening to this and I love it! I believe that Rachel Cruse is Dave Ramsey’s Daughter. You have probably heard of him if you’ve ever looked up anything about finances or getting out of debt. If you have debt or just want to learn how to manage your money better this is a good podcast to listen to. Listen here

9. Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey

This one is mostly for entertainment and not so much on the inspirational side. My husband is obsessed with the Youtube star Casey Niestat. This podcast is him and his wife airing their dirty laundry on a podcast as a way to get closer to each other as a couple. They are a strange couple but very entertaining and fun. I really wasn’t a big fan of Casey before listening to this podcast but now when I hear Will watching his Youtube videos I will watch them with him because this podcast made me appreciate him. Listen here

Do you have a favorite podcast not on my list? Please share in the comments or come find us on Instagram or Youtube and let us know! 

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