The Best Crib Mattress That Grows With Your Baby

For the first 6 months of Roams life she was sleeping in a pack and play. I can’t imagine that it was comfortable for her so when we started designing her “room” on the bus I knew I wanted to get her a quality mattress. The only problem was that it also had to be custom designed to her sleep spot dimensions. 

 When I started searching for ways to custom make a mattress for her sleep area I stumbled upon Nook and OMG, I’m so happy that I did.

First of all, they make the most beautiful looking mattresses and play mats, which they also can make to custom fit any dimension you send them. But, more important than looks is the fact that all of Nooks products are made from natural, organic, breathable, water resistant and machine washable materials! Not to mention that the Pebble Pure crib mattress is a 2-stage mattress, meaning one side is firm for infants and when Roam outgrows that we can just flip it over to a slightly softer toddler approved mattress. 

If you know me, then you know that sustainability and natural are two things that I look for when it comes to buying anything. I reached out to Nook and they custom made a mattress for Roam. It only took them 6 weeks to get it made and shipped to our house. 

Their crib mattresses come in standard crib sizes and you can pick from 11 beautiful colors. Another great thing about the mattress is that you don’t need crib sheets! The pebble cover can be zipped off and washed! I love that because the mattress is so beautiful I didn’t want to put a sheet on it anyway. (Also one less thing to buy which is great when you live on a bus) 

I am so grateful that we found Nook and I highly recommend their products to anyone looking for a crib or play mat. We also have the Lillypad 2 which is one of our favorite places to hang out, it’s so easy to fold up and take with you on the go. We like to take it to the skate park and watch Dad do tricks while we do tummy time. The other day we pulled over on the Blue Ridge Parkway, pulled the mat out and just hung outside enjoying the weather and views from the comfort of the mat. Nook products are so comfortable sometimes I wish we had out couch cushions on the bus custom made by them too!

Thank you nook for working with us to create the best sleep space and play space for Roam! 

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