19 GOALS FOR 2019

On January 1st your social media feeds will undoubtedly be flooded with “New Year, New Me.” Post. A lot of people will roll their eyes at those post, but I will cheer them on from the sidelines! There is nothing wrong with wanting to make improvements to your life when the New Year rolls around. Sadly, according to statistics 80% of people give up their New Year Resolutions by February. I personally haven’t felt like I needed to become a completely new person when the New Year rolls around. However, I am a fan of “resolutions”.

My New Years Tradition

I started a little New Year’s tradition with myself when I was in high school. Since I was 16 years old I have been making a certain number of “resolutions” for the year based on the last 2 digits of said year. This traditions started in 2006 with a journal entry titled “6 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2006” (man, Im getting old.) I put resolutions in quotes because I look at them more as a set of goals that I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. I think it is important to have a clear vision for what you want your future to look like, and goals can help shape that vision.  

The upcoming year is 2019 which means I need to come up with 19 goals to work towards in 2019. I also make a list relationship, financial and business goals for Will and myself at the beginning of each year. ( I clearly like setting goals.)

Some are just reminders of things I want to accomplish daily – drink more water, read more, write more, hang out with my dog outside more (adding baby/ mom ones to this years list). Others are long term goals and will require motivation and dedication to accomplish. 

Im sharing all of this on here because this year “Blog more” is going on my “Personal Goals List”. So, if I put this out there…maybe I will feel some motivation to actually hit that blue “Publish” button on here a few times a month.

How to Accomplish Your Goals

I challenge you to write out your goals for the year and share them with the people you hang out with most. Accountability partners will help keep you in check. ( or just annoy the crap out of you, lol) 

It’s important that you actually write them down and keep them somewhere you can easily see and read them throughout the year. Tip: Read them out-loud everyday and you won’t forget about them.

I write mine in the notes of my phone and I read them a few times a month. It’s also a good idea to look at your list from the previous year while writing your new goals and see where you thrived, where you struggled, and where you changed your mind. After all, you are only human and you are allowed to completely jettison a goal if it no longer aligns with the quality of life you desire.

Here are my goals for 2019, in case you need a few ideas, or feel like being my accountability partner. 

Kristin’s Personal Goals for 2019

  1. Be intentional about how I spend my time online – no mindless scrolling or posting and no scrolling while Roam is awake.
  2. Write more – blog, creative, journal, thoughts, etc. 
  3. Share more – Publish at least 2 blog post a month – long term goal 1 blog a week 
  4. Create more – Photography? Videos? Vlog? Podcast? Blog? Instagram stories? Paintings? – still playing around with this
  5. Set aside at least 1 hour a day to work on #’s 2-4
  6. Hangout with nature EVERY DAY
  7. Take Rush & Roam on an adventure every day – at minimum a walk around the block 
  8. Have Roam wearing cloth diapers at least 50% of the time
  9. Read at least 1 book a month 
  10. Listen to at least 1 inspirational / informational/ personal development podcast a week 
  12. Minimize all of our belongings down to only what fits on the bus – move on to the bus full time by March ’19
  13. Exercise body and brain at least 3 times a week – Yoga, strength and meditation 
  14. Become a morning person (thank you Roam for the help!)
  15. Help others – find a way to give back…possibly through social media? – still playing with this idea too. 
  16. Help the planet – Do cleanups anytime we are outside, create less waste, eat less meat & dairy, buy less stuff
  17. Eat more meals and drink more coffee at home
  18. Drink at least half my body weight (in oz) of water every day 
  19. Read my positive affirmations out loud everyday

So there they are! I reviewed my 2018 goals when I made this list; I succeeded at about 50% of them, changed my mind on about 25% of them and just have to try again this year at the other 25% of them. I am actually proud of these results considering the fact that we got engaged, had a surprise pregnancy, got married, and had a baby in 2018. What a wild year!

Hopefully putting these out for the world to read will inspire me to follow through! What are some of your goals for the upcoming year? Share in the comments or come find me on Instagram and let me know! 

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