The Story of Juan the Bus

We bought a bus! 

In January of 2017 we were so busy traveling for work, and every time we would come home from a trip I would look around at all the clutter in our house and wonder, “why do we have so much crap that we don’t miss when we are gone?”

So, I started to minimize my possessions. At first Will thought it was just another one of my crazy phases (I go through those a lot…Gemini over here!) After a few months he realized that this one was here to stay, so he joined in on the minimizing. 

We were getting rid of so much stuff (junk) and it felt amazing! 

In August of 2017 Will had a HUGE video project for work. He was working basically 24/7, stressed out 24/7, and exhausted 24/7. One day while taking a mini break from work he came into the room and out of no where said, “I was thinking, when I’m done with this video project we should just buy a bus, convert it and travel around.”

My jaw dropped like one of those crazy cartoons. 

A little back story. In 2015 Will and I took this awesome road trip up the California coast. We slept in our SUV rental the majority of the trip and had the best time! Still to this day it is one of my favorite trips we ever went on. 

After that trip I was obsessed with the idea of vandwelling. So much so that in September 2015 my best friend Tessa and I did almost the same exact road trip in California except we ONLY slept in our car, took showers in waterfalls and at truck stops and had the BEST time! 

After that trip I started harassing Will about selling all of our stuff and living in a van. I would always get an aggravated, “thats not realistic” as a response.

Realistically at the time it wasn’t. 

We had debt, we had jobs that required us to be stationary and we had A L O T of stuff.

I never gave up on this dream though. I would drop not so subtle comments all the time about how we should buy a tiny house, or a van, or a bus. I would tag him in every tiny living post on Instagram and say ” this could be us”. When we started looking at houses to buy I would always say, “or we could just buy a van and live in that.” 

So when he walked into the room and said those words I was in shock. Im not sure if I brainwashed him, or if I manifested this, but all the pieces in our life lined up perfectly for it to be realistic. 

We had payed off our debt, we both had jobs that allowed us to work remotely, and we had gotten rid of A L O T of our stuff. 

Obviously my answer was HECK YEAH! 

A few weeks later Juan joined our family. 

Juan is an old Air Force bus. We officially call the bus The Number Juan Bus, Juan for short, and Air Force Juan for fun! We hope to move on to Juan full time the beginning of next year and start traveling around! 

Juan has a Youtube channel you can subscribe to. Will does weekly Vlogs of the build out process and when we start to travel we will do Vlogs of our adventures as a family living tiny. 

Wanna be Juans Friend? You can find him online.

Instagram: @Numberjuanbus

Facebook: @Numberjuanbus

Youtube: Number Juan Bus


Here is a short video about the story of Juan. 

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