As the temperatures outside warm up, something inside us stirs up a desire for adventures with friends. Unfortunately, taking too many adventures can put a strain on your wallet. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Here is a list of 20 cheap summer activities that won’t break your bank!


1 . Go hiking                                                                                                                

No matter where you live you can find a trail to hike. Look up state parks near your location.

Pillbox Hike in Hawaii

2. Watch a sunset or sunrise

Find a scenic place and watch the sun do its thing.


3. Find a local art walk/ show

Music, painting, acting. You can usually find somewhere to enjoy these things local for free, or for a small fee.


4. Go to a local concert

Someone you know, knows someone in a band. Go listen to them jam!

Mr.Handsom of Lakeland, FL
Mr. Handsome of Lakeland, FL

5. Explore downtown of the closest city

You never know what awesome spots you might stumble upon.

Poor Porker - Downtown Lakeland
Poor Porker – Downtown Lakeland


6. Go to the beach

Or to a lake, creek, river, or spring. Grab your best friends and find a natural form a water near you. There is no better way to spend the day, than swimming or floating in water. DCIM102GOPROG2585611.


7. Ride bicycles or skateboards around town

If you don’t own a bike you can look up a place to rent one for the day.DCIM103GOPROG2735766.IMG_3854


8. Visit a dog park

Even if you don’t own a dog this can still be fun. 🙂 Playing with adorable doggies is a sure way to brighten up your day!

Chilling at the dog park beach.
Chilling at the dog park beach.


9. Visit a zoo or an animal shelter

Admission to the zoo is usually less than $20 a person. Animal shelters are free! (but be careful you may end up adopting 100 puppies) DCIM100GOPROGOPR0279.


10. Go kayaking or canoeing

Get a group of people together and split the cost of a canoe rental. DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROG0090870.


11. Take a camping trip  

 Camping fee’s are usually pretty low. Split the cost between a few people, and you have a fun, cheap way to spend a few days.

Camping trip to the Ocala National Forrest
Camping trip to the Ocala National Forrest


12. Take a 1 day road trip

Anywhere. Just get in your car and pick a direction. DCIM100GOPROG0033640.


13. Have a photoshoot with your best friend

Get dressed up, find a scenic background, make memories, and take fun photos with your bestie. image


14. Spend the day at your town pool 

If your town doesn’t have a pool find a YMCA.. OR maybe you have a friend with a pool? I personally hate swimming pools, so here is a photo of me floating in the ocean.DCIM102GOPROG0032593.


15. Buy a slip and slide and have a party with your friends

Split the cost and you have a cheap way to have fun any day you feel like it. Use soap to make things interesting. (Photos of this to come)


16. Star and moon gaze

Sleep under the stars. All you need is a few blankets and a view of the sky.



17. Go to a baseball game

Little League, Minor League or Major League, there is a reason why this sport is called Americas pastime.



18. Read a book outside                                                                                                              

If you can’t afford a trip away from reality, reading is way to escape to somewhere else. Invest in a library card for unlimited access to books, for free. Just make sure you return them on time to avoid late fees.



19 Have a cookout with your friends    


20. Go miniature golfing

Or arcading, go-karting, or rock wall climbing.


Enjoy the little things in life. Make the best of your surroundings this summer. Just because your bank account isn’t overflowing with money, doesn’t mean your summer can’t overflow with fun! Hopefully this list will inspire you to get out there and enjoy your summer!

Chillin in our eno after a cool “hike” in Hannah Park

If you want to follow our summer adventures you can find us on IG: @Beachykefer & @Watson17

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