Hi, I’m Kristin if you follow me on Instagram you might know me as @Beachykefer. I am a work from home wife/mom with a passion for sharing all the useful information I’ve learned so far on my journeys with minimalism, tiny living, motherhood and self betterment. Originally when I started this blog it was called RadAdventuring.com and it was mostly a travel blog. As the time passed and I grew as an individual I found a passion for sharing more than just travel tips. 

Simply all over the place is just that, simply all over the place! In April 2019 we moved on to our converted bus and have been full time living and traveling ever since. However, this lifestyle wasn’t always a possibility for my family. Over the last few years we made some big changes and started reaping the benefits of living a life of less. Less stuff, less waste, less debt, less stress, and more time to create the life we want! Whether you’re looking for ways to get your baby to sleep, or ways to get out of debt and travel the world – You will eventually find it here because this blog is Simply all Over the Place.

My husband, Will: daughter, Roam; furchild, Rush; and I call the Number Juan Bus and all of North America ( and hopefully some of South America) home. You can join our bus life journey by subscribing to our Youtube channel where we share weekly Vlogs.